Literacy is Your Business
LVA-Matagorda County’s  MISSION STATEMENT:

Through the use of volunteers, LVA-Matagorda County will promote and foster confidential and
free instruction of English to those individuals whose native language is not English, to the
illiterate and semi-literate adult learner, and to aid groups or organizations in Bay City and the
surrounding areas.

·        23 million adult Americans cannot read!
·        $225 billion a year in lost productivity, welfare, crime and poverty  - due to illiteracy!
·        7,000 adults in Matagorda County cannot read!
In the fall of 1987 the literacy effort was started in Bay City with an organizational meeting held on October 29th.  It began as a collaborative effort of the BCISD
Community Education (sponsor and umbrella organization), Bay City Public Library, Pilot Club of Bay City, Junior Service League, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Outreach Committee and The Daily Tribune.
What We Do
Based at our location, P. O. Box 1596 , Bay City, TX  77404, we operate with two part-time paid staff people and volunteer tutors and board members to:
1.          Recruit and train tutors
2.          Provide in-service workshops for trained tutors
3.          Recruit and screen potential students
4.          Match the tutor and student to form a team
5.          Follow the progress of the team
6.          Provide support for both tutor and student
We have Finally Moved into our Wonderful New Facility  4000 Ave F Suite C. At the
Technology Center which Houses WCJC and STPNOC Unit 3&4 also.